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11 November 2011 @ 11:11 am

All of the subbed videos are free fansub made by us Tegoshi Yuya fans from NEWS Express (NEX), NEWS Indonesia Forum.

Feel free to share but :
- do not
- please credit us and it's nice if you let us know first
- comments are loved, because it encourages us to do more subbing works =)

NEX Subbing Team:

rimizu (Japanese translator, timer)
tecchinvie (English translator, editor, uploader)
moch1e  (timer)
snowolfly (English translator)
ncncnc  (founder)

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 Tegomass' first appearance in Waratte Iitomo.

tegomass is loveCollapse )
The second part of Osaka Full Relay Marathon.

Yeah I know, Shige...

teamworkCollapse )
In this episode, NEWS attempted to do a full marathon in Osaka.
How would they beat the experienced athletes?

they are runnersCollapse )
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10 September 2010 @ 01:51 pm
Happy Eid Mubarak for all moslems~!!
In this special day, we present the 16th episode of Soukon ^^
Why these scenes were cut? Only Soukon's staffs who knew the hilarious reasons.

They looked so desperate, except?Collapse )
We've finished this about a month ago, but then an unexpected occurrence happened.
tecchinvie (me) as the uploader can't upload to and download from MU and MF anymore coz the campus blocks the sites T__T
So from now on, the uploading process will take longer and rimizu will only upload to MF (and MU if possible).

Anyway, here's the 15th episode that becomes one of our favorites.
Climbing the stairs (kaidan) and telling ghost stories (kaidanbanashi), okay the staffs of this program is GENIUS!

The relationship between stairs and ghost storiesCollapse )
Yaaaaayyy we're back!!!
*smooch all NEWS members* XDD

This might be the funniest Soukon episode where NEWS did a Dart Journey and visited a beautiful village to find the fastest person.
But NEWS isn't NEWS if they didn't do something out of the scope.

when city boys meet the villageCollapse )
25 May 2010 @ 08:17 pm
It's me, Vie (tecchinvie )
I realized that most of you are waiting for Soukon's subtitles and also waiting to be added back...
We're still subbing them and adding people back, but in much much slower speed.
Now I'm writing a thesis to get my master's degree, and the deadline is mid-June.
Our main translator Mimi (rimizu ) is now a Japanese lecturer and a manga translator, sometimes an interpreter, so she's getting busier and busier.
One of our timer, Tressa (snowolfly ) is on hiatus due to her preparing to enroll a university.

We apologize for not having enough time to do the subbing in a fast pace, but we're trying our best.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

NEX Fansub
The continuation of NEWS doing Tokyo Marathon route.
It was such a moving episode T___T

Friends and youthCollapse )
NEWS attempted to do a marathon using Tokyo Marathon's course.
It's fun to see a lot of places in Tokyo, but the marathon course is hard, even for our boys^^

What Johnny's Boys can doCollapse )
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